• Crystallization

    by Zodiataka

    In the country of Clans called Lamia there are five magic users. Reshawn, Zakia, Brent, Zach, and Faiza. They embark on the biggest mission they have ...

    Crystallization, Fantasy

  • Crystallize

    by Rhoda/RhodArt

    A deadly new virus that turns organic flesh into crystals has been taking over Earth and its life forms. Suraja and his oddball team of robots and oth...

    crystal, Science fiction

  • Crystalline

    by SprinkleCherry

    Follow the everyday lives of "clusters" people with poisoned minds but crystal souls. Let them bring you laughter, sadness , happiness and romance.


  • CrystalRibs

    by ChalkBoardFeline

    An Interactive web comic where you help our hero grow and navigate through a strange and (possibly) dangerous reality. There's lots o' slime.


  • Crystallites

    by Kittymoon

    The Crystonian Empire is in trouble as the Magnafors are trying to steal the healing crystals and stones. Princess Muni Jasuko of Amber has to go to E...

    crystals, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Crystallized

    by Catelynn Jeana

    While out on a mission, Melinda meets a young girl.


  • Crystalline

    by Chiray (Tag) Cean

    This comic is for Mature Audiences, so please read at your own discretion. -Gore -Strong Language -Violence -Sexual Themes His name was nothing...

    Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • Crystalium

    by Hoffman

    Crystalium is the worlds most addictive drug. Even just trying it once will lead to either a lifelong addiction, or a sudden death. The government too...

    Crystalium, Horror, Action, Drama

  • Crystal Legends

    by lance

    A student that deviates from school trips to hunt archaeological artifacts discovers the last codex of an Aztec ruler and clues to a hidden find there...


  • Neon Crystal

    by Ruby

    Lily has always had terrible luck... until the day she met a wolf and a brunette with hair that turned rose... Now, the question is, has her luck impr...

    crystal, Romance

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