• I Hope So

    by Detective Calico

    I Hope So is a webcomic that follows the story of three lionesses who fight against the dangers of nature, and learn the value of found family. It is ...

    cults, Drama, LGBTQ+

  • Revenants and the Child of Autumn

    by TenguHarley

    A young wolf boy, named Li, struggles to fit into the higher ranks of his mother's pack, of course too young and not having a good grasp with his powe...

    cults, Horror, Drama, Fantasy

  • The Izzy Comics

    by Izzy

    A (relatively) young witch trying to live normally while integrating her bizarre daily rituals into society. However, something else is obviously brew...

    cults, Slice of life, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Caraway: Tales of Lucidity

    by Pencilz

    Cynthia has strange dreams. Her siblings, who are always getting into trouble, have accidentally awakened an ancient elder god from its slumber. Will ...

    cults, Horror, Drama, Fantasy


    by Nanette

    I'm stuck between leaving everyone I know or changing everything I love, I guess... Gumtown is a minicomic that was made for the Bubblegum Jam. ht...

    cults, Horror

  • The Ruby Doll

    by A.J

    No one can say he didn't do it for pleasure… A grin spreading across his face at the thought. None can say he didn't do it to force her into sub...

    cults, Romance

  • Chickenface

    by KJ Murr

    Part family drama, part goofball comedy, and part horror show, Chickenface follows the misadventures of its titular protagonist as he survives dangero...

    cults, Horror, Drama, Comedy

  • AKN Universe 1

    by Angie Kat Neko

    Follow Goldig, Quitta, Kat and their friends on their adventures and experiences! From pancakes to broken hearts it all happens in this universe :D

    cults, Comedy

  • Son of the Moon

    by Jason M. Carey

    Grayson is a man with no surname, no biological family to speak of. It doesn't matter to him as long as he feels worthy to the Moon Mother, a goddess ...

    cults, Fantasy

  • The Fall Of Omelas

    by Floran Bailey

    A family is starving to death in a post apocalyptic wasteland, the daughter of a sadistic cult leader leads a violent escape and S.U.A agents Nigel an...

    cults, Science fiction

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