• Cyan

    by Arturo

    Disconnected from the rest, Cyan's only comfort is to send one-sided messages to a distant friend whose influence in her life is only matched by its u...

    cyan, Science fiction

  • Earthling

    by Arturo

    A comic experiment on uncertainty and the way some answers avoid us despite our best efforts to the contrary. ___________________ Reading my other...

    cyan, Science fiction

  • Ascend Precure!

    by deizunei

    The life of three magical boys who go around saving the world from monsters and become friends in the process (Precure fanseries).

    cyan, Fantasy

  • Disaster Engine

    by MadPractice

    A Dimensional Train, a Diety, some people, and a detective all run into each other. not in that exact order i think.

    cyan, Mystery

  • Cyan 2 Red

    by Pablooo Duarte

    Sometimes all you need to share some stories is a bench and a... monster ?

    cyan, Slice of life

  • The Killer's Love

    by Black_Skull

    A most wanted killer was on the killing spree again. The killer tried to get away, but was caught by the police. The killer was injured but the soldie...

    cyan, BL, Action, Slice of life