• My boyfriend is the Boogeyman?!

    by Kenzie Sharp

    https://www.patreon.com/kenziesharp Nolan manages to nab a position as the secretary to the CEO of Shadow & co. However, it doesn't take long for h...

    dark, BL

  • MaryDeath

    by Matt Tarpley

    MaryDeath is a comic about Life, Death, and everything in-between.

    dark, Slice of life

  • Behind These Birchwood Walls

    by Kyt Cordell

    UPDATES WEDNESDAYS Support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/kytcordell https://twitter.com/KytCordell https://kytcordell.tumblr.com/ https:/...

    dark, Romance

  • Which One?

    by Claradeso

    (Read from right to left!) A boy and a girl compete for the love of their bisexual love interest. Which one will he choose, I wonder? Or is there s...

    dark, Romance

  • Our Primary Interest

    by Cypienne

    Sometimes the only thing worse than the darkness outside is the one in your head; and, sometimes, the only thing that can shine through it is the love...

    dark, BL

  • Raining Knives

    by Moth

    Dylan is haunted by ghosts he doesn't believe in. One of them is his victim - his brother. The other is a mystery. In fact, this place is full of myst...

    dark, Mystery

  • RORY

    by vampbyte

    A cynical male model named Rory just wants to get famous, look good, and make money. He gets the opportunity to do just that when he comes into contac...

    dark, Horror, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Gloomy Night

    by BubooSenchan

    https://www.patreon.com/BubooSenchan BL/ DRAMA / SOBRENATURAL/TRAUMA / ROMANCE/NSFW LGBT theme- trigger warning. Language- mental illness- suicid...

    dark, Drama

  • Nene's Bedtime Stories

    by INOGArt

    Short creepy/horror stories narrated by Nene. Turn on sound, grab a cup of tea and enjoy. https://www.patreon.com/inogart Little update: schedule ...

    dark, Horror, Fantasy

  • Wisteria

    by Manapany

    Shou-zhé is a young man linving in the suburbs of Paris. One night, he lets a person into his house. Then, a strange series of events begins… annoncin...

    dark, Horror, BL, Drama

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