• Knight's Choice

    by VVBG

    **ILLUSTRATED** The shy son of a rebellion leader is taken captive by a fearsome knight in this medieval dark romance. Tags: M/M, Dark Fantasy, D...

    dark_fantasy, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Unknown Lands

    by toherrys

    A story about a bunch of punks with too much power for anyone's good. *Sex, drugs and violence* Updates Tues&Thurs A bandit, a runaway heir, and...

    dark_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Lady Crows

    by DragonPinata (Greta)

    Marissa has been living the ordinary small town life. Just until an accident, where she evades death and finds herself in the world of supernatural.

    dark_fantasy, Mystery, Fantasy

  • The Assassin and Her Dragon Princes

    by Ivy Clyde

    I have spent my whole life training to be an assassin of Linmoor Valley, an underground gild of the world’s most lethal mercenaries. My past is a blan...

    dark_fantasy, Fantasy, Action, Romance

  • The Next Reaper

    by Deus Jet

    In a not too distant future, the world is a dark and gruesome place... What happens when the Watchers of our world abandon us? When Death is too old t...

    dark_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Everwake

    by Bianca Loran

    New pages every Sunday! When a fateful encounter brings Avi Fayt and Zevryx Skye together they don’t expect their search for answers to lead them d...

    dark_fantasy, Fantasy

  • Chaotic Nation

    by Zyephen

    Genre: Fantasy, Action/adventure, BL, Drama Karians were first born during the cataclysm. Once human, the race mutated. In a world already devastated...

    dark_fantasy, BL, Action, Fantasy

  • Flower Girl

    by Beau Van Dalen

    When Poire wakes up, she is in an unknown forest, and her head has been replaced by that of a flower’s. A talking lemur is convinced Poire has writte...

    dark_fantasy, Fantasy, Mystery

  • (HIATUS MODE) ShapeShifters I: Dark World

    by LHGart

    Cassandra is the last descendant of the mysterious titan Immortalys, who takes revenge on the stygian titan "VoidMasters" and its faithful puppets cal...

    dark_fantasy, Action, Fantasy

  • Blood Lust

    by Jackalope

    Riagán Shirasu returns to Japan to live with his father after his mother's death. Now attending his second year of high school, he meets Lore, a myst...

    dark_fantasy, BL

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