• Drugs & Wires

    by Cryo & Io

    The year is 1995, and everything's gone wrong - especially for Dan, pissy misanthrope and recovering VR junkie, who's got a vicious worm in his headwa...

    dark_humor, Science fiction

  • Teach Me To Kill

    by Leah Villart

    William, a high-school teacher is accused and sentenced to death for a crime which he’s not sure of having committed. But he’ll be offered a way for ...

    dark_humor, Horror

  • Death & the Maiden

    by J. van Santen

    A deadly unserious comic about a dead girl's everyday life after death. By the way: We're falling behind here on Tapas. For fresh episodes check out @...

    dark_humor, Comedy

  • Predatory Loan

    by Zuzu

    Rooming with a serial killer isn't good for Carter's health, but it's pretty amazing for his bank account. And hey, at least if his roommate kills him...

    dark_humor, Horror, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • peak of nightteen

    by Yibi

    This are things that I've been thinking since I had my 19th birthday. The thought of soon becoming 20 years old was the most frightening of them all, ...

    dark_humor, Slice of life

  • TwistEd

    by Gabriel deVue

    Updates Tuesday (and saturday until end of book 3) Fueled by hate, curiosity, paranoia and a tiny bit sadism, four murderous women move in together m...

    dark_humor, Horror

  • ~Boo! The Ghosts Away~

    by GhostTundra

    A student starting highschool just moved from the United States to Japan, but adapting himself to living the country is *not* what he is worried about...

    dark_humor, Mystery, Slice of life, Comedy

  • Rattlebones

    by TheVoid

    Darcy Brown has always been obsessed with death and dying, so when a classmate dies, he sees it as the perfect opportunity to bring him back to life. ...

    dark_humor, BL, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Red Hunger

    by Madam Abel

    Jesse's life isn't perfect. Actually, it's shit; he dropped out of college, took a job at a pizza place with a one-star rating, hasn't gotten over...

    dark_humor, BL, Horror

  • Zero Infinity (Hiatus)

    by SnoopDoopWoop

    HIATUS! ZERO INFINITY IS ON HIATUS! CHECK OUT MY TIKTOK TO SEE MORE OF MY OCS! This story will confuse you. That’s the point. Live with my confusin...

    dark_humor, Comedy, Fantasy, Science fiction

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