• I Love You, Bambette!

    by Tato

    The legend of Nobunaga and his love for the alluring Bambette. Romance! Drama! Friendship! Betrayal! Joy! Despair! And ultimately...life!

    deer, Romance, Drama, Comedy

  • [Psycho Babble]

    by Beetle Milk

    A story about a group of animals trying to find their place in a bigoted world while one of their own attempts to escape a curse put on him by a ruthl...

    deer, Fantasy

  • Space Deer

    by Indiana-Jonas

    Space Deer is an incredible deer in space on an un-chronological poetic adventure.

    deer, Fantasy

  • Hart of Winter

    by hagofbolding

    A winter spirit adopts an orphaned white stag. However, holding on too tightly tips the natural order out of balance. A short wordless comic created ...

    deer, Fantasy

  • Deerlf

    by Professor Bees

    Long ago, animals, on the brink of extinction, have been forced to use ancient magic. This power disguises them to survive in a human-run world. This ...

    deer, Fantasy

  • The Meeting

    by Colourbee

    A short love story about a Merman and Centaur. A visual story without words, enjoy. <3

    deer, Romance

  • Dancing on Starlight

    by Shanachan101

    Dancing on Starlight is an original story about two men and the relationship that blossoms between them, as they prepare for the upcoming Winterfest C...

    deer, BL

  • Dear Rider,

    by Jeeaark

    Grit, a scrappy goblin, only wants one thing in life: To join the Riders. Instead, he joined up with a deer. Sit back and enjoy the ride as thi...

    deer, Comedy, Fantasy

  • One Time Deal

    by KaedeT

    This is a series composed of one-shots or short stories that I wrote during my free time. Need more? Come check out my other stories! Vampire, ...

    deer, BL, Fantasy, Drama

  • Under the Shadow of the White Wisteria

    by Helera

    What will you do if you will fall in love with a strange and you even know his name? This is what happened to Cecile, a young deer girl that had been...

    deer, Romance

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