• Suihira: The City of Water

    by Riana Dorsey

    Her whole life, Princess Wahida has prayed for passage to “Suihira,” the holy City of Water, lost to time and myth. When the goddess Akia appears befo...

    desert, Fantasy

  • Step Aside

    by Orange Savannah

    When a mysterious being gets trapped inside an ancient temple, it has to make a deal with a young local woman to get back out again. The woman and the...

    desert, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • "Avibus"

    by C.R. Fahey

    After bringing home a strange homeless girl named Scarlet, Kelley Russo discovers a fascinating hidden world of cryptids and legends. But she is far...

    desert, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • [cancelled] Just a Journey

    by Alex!

    Its cancelled yall!! No longer updates omg stop subscribing to this jksdslkjddskj [[left up only for archival purposes. desc: A short tempered r...

    desert, Science fiction

  • Vagrant

    by Dstrir

    Vagrant follows the story of a witch who seeks to undo her wish from a long time ago.

    desert, Fantasy

  • Dinogeddon

    by Kaylie

    In the future, something happened. Nobody's really sure what happened exactly, but it left the world a smoldering, lifeless shell of its former self. ...

    desert, Drama

  • The Cursed Boy (BL)

    by Bambi 斑比

    Born as dark magic twins, Muna and Hani are cursed to perish. Their last, desperate hope lies with some ancient texts and a handsome but untrustworthy...

    desert, BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Desert Spell

    by baconbit

    (LGBTQ+//Magic//Disability)) Thaina is a deaf nomad whose family has lived for generations in the desert. But a drought has made their traditional wa...

    desert, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Kindred Skies

    by Jaimmargot

    KINDRED SKIES is about a group of dumb boys doing dumb things (but for money) Set in a desert wasteland where being a mercenary is often just a go...

    desert, Fantasy

  • Euphoric

    by Alamino

    Euphoria feels like he doesn't belong with his brother and long time best friends. Dylan and Ed are both expert thieves and street smart. Fade is tric...

    desert, Action, Drama, Fantasy

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