• The Shadow of Mr. Sherman

    by Solomon Volfovich

    My attempt to tell you a detective story about how an ordinary detective from a big American city will investigate the most unusual case he ever encou...

    detective, Mystery

  • If Only, If Only

    by Nemuharu

    !!STORY ON HOLD!! The story of a physician working for a detective agency. Though for him, everyday is a lot less simple than it could be as he kee...

    detective, Drama

  • Petrichor

    by motli

    Bioprecipitation has claimed the world. The sun has become a dream and water floods the land. Yet, people adapt and life goes on. Technology has solv...

    detective, Drama, LGBTQ+, Science fiction

  • Devil's Acres

    by Ratique

    A young woman follows the bloody trail of a brutal serial killer. She will find him and stop him - or she will be his next victim. Updates every W...

    detective, Romance, Mystery, Science fiction

  • Gumbo

    by Baron

    A detective with supernatural powers, a girl trapped in a ring, and a lot of trouble headed their way.

    detective, Action

  • No.37

    by plutoneon

    (previously titled ADDICT) Crime has been on the rise as new constitution enhancers have hit the black market, giving citizens with already extraor...

    detective, Action

  • Totentanz

    by viciousmongrel

    Totentanz is a horror detective story, that take place in alternative Europe. It contains blood, violence, homosexual relationships. If you're not ok...

    detective, Horror

  • 00:00-The Midnight Village

    by Grimm

    (Update every Tuesday and Friday.) Hanternoz is a small village between the forest and the sea, where its inhabitants live peacefully, isolated from ...

    detective, Horror, Mystery

  • Spy Beat

    by AlisTori

    How to find out who sends letters to Jill Milkins? What does cute singer have in common with one of the most dangerous criminals of the country? Don’t...

    detective, Comedy

  • Maddison and Sam

    by Syrah Victoria

    A teenage detective with a cane and her best friend Sam work together to uncover the strangest of mysteries in Victorian times.

    detective, Mystery

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