by Mason Stark

    Max is a 14-year-old trans kid and a medium who's terrified of ghosts and demons. After ignoring the call of something otherworldly, he finds himself ...

    dimensions, Horror, LGBTQ+, Mystery


    by Mason Stark

    Extras for BENEATH THE WOODS! (Doodles, character info, illustrations, etc.)

    dimensions, Horror, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Overwift

    by mari

    Universos paralelos são espelhos da nossa realidade, que podem refletir imagens distorcidas do mundo em que vivemos. Overwift com certeza não era o...

    dimensions, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • RetroBlade

    by Freya

    Join a team of time-travelling misfits, as they quest to restore reality! This is a long-form, science fantasy webcomic featuring: Time-Travel, Aug...

    dimensions, Science fiction


    by JMFelic

    "It is a waste of hardness if I'm not going to push it inside you." Using his deft hands, he traced my waist, found the zipper of my jeans and unz...

    dimensions, Romance

  • Cult

    by Bryan Murphy

    After Ruby slips out of her own dimension and into a space between, she'll have to befriend monsters in order to survive the horrors inhabiting the is...

    dimensions, Horror, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Dimidium

    by Angie Kat Neko

    It may seem cute and girly but the pretty colors hide a dark truth. Past lives, dimensions, lies, true love and your other half, parallel universes an...

    dimensions, Mystery

  • The Forgotten Gemstone

    by KitD

    Book One in A Xiinisi Trilogy... Ule is Xiinisi, a race of trans-dimensional world builders. Shunned by her peers and spurned by a love interest, s...

    dimensions, Fantasy

  • Dumah

    by Ankur

    Erika is always ready to help others even at the cost of her own life. But when she is forced to wield the power of an ancient god from an alternate d...

    dimensions, Action

  • Doppelgangers

    by Weslie

    To Princess Scarlet, Doppelgangers are myths for naughty children. But when her kingdom is ambushed by the very creatures, Scarlet is forced to hide i...

    dimensions, Fantasy

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