• Jubes Comic Blog

    by Jubes

    Illustrated form of my Slice of Life and Discovering what Love really means to me. Life is filled with thoughts and gestures of love but sometimes w...

    discover, Slice of life

  • Blood Tie - Jeff and Liu

    by -Ame

    Liu has a little brother, Jeff. Being forced to live in the local mafia, whit a violent mother, their childhood will be over soon. After an accide...

    discover, Mystery

  • Step Outside

    by Blondin

    This comic is about my trips. My approach is to entertain and encourage to travel and live your own adventures ! (All the facts here are authentic.) ...

    discover, Slice of life


    by Madeleine

    short animated comic about a dog who doesn't like his home anymore. it was made for the 23hcomic event (well 32 for me...) and it was drawn as an i...

    discover, Fantasy


    by Palcopie

    Le monde n'a pas toujours été ainsi. Il y a forcément eu un temps où le soleil était moins fort, où les humains pouvaient se déplacer de ville en vi...

    discover, Action, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Everyday Cynical

    by cavebrendan

    Life giving you problems? No better way to deal with that than to make fun of them!

    discover, Comedy

  • The Doll Maker

    by JUAN3A

    READ FROM RIGHT TO LEFT Solange Collett an 15 year-old student is kidnapped by an strange man, but soon she'll notice that her kidnapper is not a m...

    discover, Mystery

  • oOOH...SHeeP!!! (translated)

    by Veronica Alfieri

    Yessss oOOH...SHeeP!!! Now speak english!!!

    discover, Slice of life

  • Skepter Gear

    by SAL

    There are special people who thrive with immense strength and unique abilities called Skepters. So, is a young girl named Tera who wishes to find out ...

    discover, Fantasy

  • Temples

    by Free Bread

    An exploration of temples near and far. Each a testament to ingenuity, faith, and fallibility in equal measure.

    discover, Fantasy, Action, Mystery

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