• Consuming Darkness

    by nox.fox

    Priest and farseer, Elethir just turned blind from witnessing a prophecy holding a promise of Fire, Death, and Forbidden Passion brought to the temple...

    diversity, Romance

  • Singmire Haze

    by nox.fox

    In the business-driven city of Singmire, jobless Finch quietly copes with life, until he gets to discover that his online boyfriend happens to be a ch...

    diversity, Science fiction

  • Iridescence

    by Zel Carboni

    Warning: Yaoi, R18, NSFW, sex, teratophilia, eventual blood and violence. You've been warned. Be sure to be able to bear with all of this. Thanks so ...

    diversity, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • 2Masters

    by Mayshing

    An endless war between two eternal polarizing masters, a human can be an angel or a demon, all it takes is a change of heart. ----- Summary: Fol...

    diversity, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • The Modern Heroines

    by Fufunha

    Português: https://tapastic.com/series/As-Heroinas-modernas Created by Danielle Cristina and Marcella Cappelletti. This is a serie about girl power!...

    diversity, Slice of life

  • He's Not Mine

    by charli.snow

    Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, nothing ever seems to go right. Will a chance encounter in Takashi's melancholy world bring him out of the deep...

    diversity, BL

  • Race, Me Cupid

    by !

    Ángel Romero is a shy jock with a crush on his teammate and only friend in high school, Jeremiah Perez. A one sided love that dies once they graduate ...

    diversity, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Fate

    by Anthea

    There once was a grumpy dustbunny who lived in a tree... But after a failed forced rescue attempt involving a bear and a not so sturdy tree, this lit...

    diversity, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Party of Three | MMF (Complete)

    by CameoLover93

    Nichole Richards is living her best life. She's single and mingling, has an amazing group of friends, and business is booming for her bakery busin...

    diversity, LGBTQ+, Romance, Drama

  • Lucy's Tale

    by DrNightPhlox

    An age-old curse haunts the land near the town of Holiday, yet creatures big and small still come to see the magic of this bioluminescent mushroom gro...

    diversity, Fantasy

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