• Glacias

    by Yaruno and Nawa

    In a world where people live in fear of dragons, Juka, together with his dragon Lyth, is trying to bring balance between humans and dragons! He claims...

    dragons, Fantasy

  • Summoner

    by TeamSummoner

    After a heated argument with her family, eighteen-year-old Kokona runs away from home and is magically transported to another world. Dragons, elves, a...

    dragons, Action, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Slack Wyrm

    by Josh Wright

    Follow the career of a uncaring dragon in an uncaring world.

    dragons, Comedy

  • Dragon Hunt!

    by DaydreamNoise

    Leo, an ambitious mercenary, finds a fiery eyed and tempered, amnesiac boy in the back of the cart he was transporting to the King. Now, he's dodging ...

    dragons, BL, Action, Fantasy

  • Silversong

    by Sugar Fiend

    Silversong is an high fantasy adventure comic. Tebetha is a young girl whose farsight ironically caused her to blindly stumble upon a dangerous plot a...

    dragons, Fantasy

  • The World of Wishes

    by Fany

    Mobile-friendly version: http://tapastic.com/series/wwmv A story of a discarded world dimension where wishes can come true at a certain price, two lo...

    dragons, Science fiction

  • The Dragon's Lamb

    by Kiisu

    A young princess is thrust in the middle of an ancient struggle. Fate binds her to a strange warrior with a knack for finding trouble. Fists meet ...

    dragons, Romance


    by Alex!

    Updates mondays! Extinction is a low sci-fi/fantasy story set in a far future, alternate earth where there's dragon shapeshifters and people have p...

    dragons, Action, Science fiction

  • Saints'Quarter

    by C.R. Fahey

    Right on the river, between Brooklyn and Queens, is a quaint little neighborhood where rent is affordable, residents are friendly, and witches live in...

    dragons, LGBTQ+, Mystery, Fantasy

  • The Grand Priestess

    by ExodusGuard

    A love story that transcends both time and death. Verashana, a powerful sorceress, delves into the past after an incident separates her from her lover...

    dragons, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

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