• FOCUS 10

    by SoenKai

    Imagine waking up in the middle of the night. You can't move, you can't speak... And there's something evil in the room with you. This is a story...

    dream, Mystery

  • Llucid

    by Devselia

    TW: This story contains [flashing] gifs, unsettling sounds, profanity and horror/psychological elements. Please read with caution. See Episode 01 for ...

    dream, Horror, Comedy, Fantasy

  • To Keep A Promise

    by Diandra

    They are two childhood friends bound by a forgotten promise. Are they ready to go against the world to fulfill it? This comic is on Webtoons as wel...

    dream, BL, Fantasy

  • Starhop

    by Cuttles

    It's been 16 years since the star appeared over Wakefield. 16 years since locals started to die in their sleep. One night, Trix, Bea and Alan find...

    dream, Fantasy

  • Vertigo's Fun Land

    by mutatedeye

    What happens when your entire reality twists around you and you come to realize that there is much more to your exsistence? Explore the Void throu...

    dream, Horror, Action, Mystery

  • Stress Relieving Strips

    by Leaglem

    The silly adventures of my imaginary friend and me.

    dream, Comedy

  • Oneironauts

    by Sara H. Randt

    What would you do if tomorrow was your last day? Would you run to conquer the world? Or maybe... would you sit down and watch the world continue w...

    dream, Drama

  • A Dream Forgotten

    by Malaya & Raozi

    [Genre: Romance/Comedy/Drama] Life is a continuous cycle of endless dreaming and countless choices. Lucky are those who discovered their dreams ear...

    dream, Romance, Drama, Comedy

  • Morphée

    by FrozenGarden

    In a world where spirits exist hidden alongside humans, Enzo makes a strange encounter. After waking up from a bad dream, he catches sight of two eeri...

    dream, Drama, Fantasy

  • Haunter of Dreams

    by alectorfencer

    Haunter of Dreams leads you into the dreamscapes of a little boy who has to overcome his biggest fears and worries. In the format of a dreamtale, this...

    dream, Fantasy

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