• Dreamcatcher

    by Kittyfox Hearts

    (CURRENTLY GETTING A REWORK!) Aeri is an orphan who's only ever wanted somewhere she belongs. On one fateful day, she encounters a magical fountain...

    dreamcatcher, Fantasy

  • Dreamer from a Distance

    by flashofaurora

    Inu is an arctic fox who has the ability to visit others' dreams. When a stranger asks Inu for help through her lucid dream, he goes on a journe...

    dreamcatcher, Fantasy

  • Knights of My Imagination

    by redwallcrazy

    Detailing the (mis)adventures of a motley group of superheroes as they fight monsters, villains, and the ever-present crushing reality of adulthood.

    dreamcatcher, Science fiction

  • Dreamcatcher

    by arisupaints

    Mara is a dreamcatcher – her job is to steal dreams. But the police is on her heels… This is a short comic, written by the German author Andrea Bot...

    dreamcatcher, Fantasy

  • 遠くにある夢

    by flashofaurora

    あらすじ: イーヌは他人の夢をのぞけるホッキョクギツネ。ある日、誰かが夢の中で助けを求めた。イーヌはその誰かを探しに友達と旅に出ることになる。 "Dreamer from a Distance"(ドリーマー・フロム・ア・ディスタンス)の日本語版。(´・ω・`) 英語版はこちら (English ...

    dreamcatcher, Fantasy

  • The Dream Catcher

    by Shangomola Edunjobi

    One Shot submitted for the 11th Annual Manga Jiman competition 2017, which earned FIRST place. Theme: "Dreams"

    dreamcatcher, Drama

  • Sweet Dreams

    by Beautitude

    In a world where you can find your soulmate to achieve great things in life - things that matter-Kevin and Samantha search for their significant other...

    dreamcatcher, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy

  • The Dreamcatchers

    by The RogueReanimator

    All Liam wanted was to live a quiet life and after having to deal with a traumatic childhood, a dissociative disorder, and drifting from place to plac...

    dreamcatcher, Action, Fantasy