• rainy day

    by noctuidae

    [INDEFINITE HIATUS] Vignettes about sad children who live in a city where a heavy storm reduces telecommunications to static, summons flocks of whi...

    dreamlike, Fantasy

  • Night To Meet You

    by A LIM

    draw my dream story. I'm studying English composition. I need help with grammar in the dialogue. Please point out my mistakes.

    dreamlike, Fantasy

  • sùles

    by Giz

    A sand tale.

    dreamlike, Fantasy

  • Museum Piece

    by nijomu

    Wandering through the cold night, what she discovers may not be what she was expecting.

    dreamlike, Drama

  • Chasing a Starlight

    by BunnyV

    Every night for the past six years, Mikah has had the same dream: a chimerical savior rescues him from certain death, only for a magic spell to sudden...

    dreamlike, Horror, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Thistle Root

    by NetteWorks

    Thistle can see the Ether, the world out of sight full of ghosts, ghouls and images (the things imagined by strong-willed people). When the other ...

    dreamlike, Fantasy

  • L’Eponge de Samir Noferi

    by Dario/Darajavaush

    In an indefinite city, always shrouded in mist, strange hooded figures and lame move in the dark corners, and because of unfortunate encounters with c...

    dreamlike, Science fiction

  • Beyond the Wall

    by seselisblue

    Hey. Only one reason you'd be here, eh? You want a story. You wanna know what happened before, what's out there beyond the wall. Everyone got their ow...

    dreamlike, Horror, Fantasy

  • Pluto

    by secretmachomantra

    A Modern surreal retelling of the Myth of the God of Death Pluto.

    dreamlike, Drama

  • Melted Light

    by MOPLO

    markers on A4 finished in Jan 2020 hand-drawn drew by my mind like always... and do not have a specific point all will end take it easy ... ...

    dreamlike, Fantasy

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