• Straight D's

    by puali

    Danny's life has always been full of Ds. Whether it was at school or his love life, a capital D always followed. The night he met Darwin at Dandelion ...

    drinking, Romance, LGBTQ+

  • Bohemian Nights

    by ericclements583

    Updates twice a week (roughly...)--Monday and Friday. A Web Comic for those who can't remember their twenties. B.N. follows a group of friends as they...

    drinking, Drama

  • Worst Besties (discontinued)

    by Kieran Tom

    Sorry this comic isn't hear anymore. I'm working on a new project.

    drinking, BL

  • Self-absorbed sketch comic

    by elle1234567

    A slice-of-life, gag-a-day type comic about my life. Includes jokes about learning German, Philosophy, Marriage, Friends, Life in Portland, and whatev...

    drinking, Slice of life

  • Virtue

    by Eva Prescott

    As the most ambitious and brilliant students in Castleton Prep, Jaime Kenneth was determined to the Head Boy for varieties of reasons. However, despit...

    drinking, BL

  • The Maze

    by Lorenzo Luna

    The Maze is a twisting and turning sci-fi, action, adventure, slice of life comedy, romance, satire. Thank you so much for venturing in to The Maze. ...

    drinking, Science fiction

  • Frank's Office

    by Dave Drack

    Frank is an recently graduate writer and he's working as a screenplay writer for a big studio, luckily he have his trusted friend luis who is there to...

    drinking, Comedy

  • The Bender

    by Ellis Matthews

    Socially awkward, A+ student Keith feels hopeless and alone after his single mother dies suddenly and he's expelled from college. With no where else t...

    drinking, Slice of life

  • Drowning

    by Zeke

    Jack just wants to live a quiet life but ever since he saw his best friend commit suicide right in front of him, it's been anything but quiet. To top...

    drinking, Mystery

  • Left Not Right [Complete]

    by Darogus

    A short journal about two dummies and cruel fate. [[I apologize ahead of time for how badly this is written. I have very little experience with sto...

    drinking, BL, Comedy, Romance

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