• Anfange

    by Memai

    Why did her parents send her to this school? Why here? Lila was supposed to be safe here, with her brother, Emil. Safe where no one could find them. B...

    drug_use, Drama

  • Action!

    by cheeseytofu

    16 year old Renny and 17 year old Jane are a very unlikely duo, but who knows what can happen when you're forced into a school project together?

    drug_use, Romance, LGBTQ+

  • Metastasis (complete)

    by Nyanka

    Three kids, one small town, a bunch of stupid humans, and the zombie plant apocalypse. Let the bodies start piling. Warning: this story contains ma...

    drug_use, Horror

  • Grey Matter

    by GreyHallowes

    5 years after the tragic loss of the ACRV Orion in a sector of uncharted space an independent investigation is launched into the accident after a fail...

    drug_use, Drama

  • Guardians Of Man

    by GumshoeComix

    Black River City - 2003 The lone survivor of a sex trafficking serial killer, Nickolas James Croswell is forced to become a hitman by a cabal of as...

    drug_use, Horror, Drama, Mystery

  • Chronic

    by Graphite91

    The plans Cosmo Wakeland had for his life had been thoroughly derailed by trauma and chronic illnesses, both physical and mental. It was hard to accep...

    drug_use, LGBTQ+, Drama, Slice of life

  • Just Another Love Story

    by BaffledFox

    (This story is based on my personal experiences). Mollie Stevens was usually the odd man out, the quiet type, the loner. Friendships were hard to m...

    drug_use, GL

  • It's a Delicate Process

    by TheSpaceGay

    Deck, a 25 year old who's heavily addicted to drugs and alcohol finds himself meeting a very blunt 23 year old man named Lars. Their journey is rocky,...

    drug_use, BL

  • Snap out of it!! - A Wild Ride story

    by swagoowagoo

    luke is a teenager with a lot of things on his plate, he is looking for a way out of his own emotions, little does he know he is a rabbit about to fal...

    drug_use, Drama

  • Mr. Foo Was Here

    by Foo

    A massive criminal organization has entrenched itself across all of Australia, only a grumpy old fella from the bush is batshit bonkers enough to take...

    drug_use, Action

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