• I See You

    by Suzhroom

    CONTENT WARNING: STALKER, SEX, RAPE, DRUGS, VIOLENCE, NUDITY AND STRONG LANGUAGE! I see you ~ BL Comic 18+ Read from Right - Left Summary: K...

    drugs, Horror, BL, Drama

  • The Victorious

    by mithril

    James falls for a guy. Then another! He's torn between sweet Oliver and tragic Victor. He can't pick between them, but maybe he doesn't have to. Hi...

    drugs, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Idolon

    by Kiki

    A story about life, loss, and the love found in between. i·do·lon noun 1.an idealized person or thing 2.a false idea; fallacy Updates every ...

    drugs, Drama

  • Addicted To You the series

    by Jevy

    What would happen if you found out that your high school crush went to the same college as you?. Eli a first year college student is in love with a se...

    drugs, BL

  • The Dealer's Notes

    by Crystal Pandita

    The adventures from the notes of a famously known drug dealer who calls himself Alexis Jensen. He explores and discovers crime families and gangs in t...

    drugs, Drama

  • Last Cry

    by GetAwayFromMe118

    After being taken in by her adoptive parents, Yuzuki Aya was finally given a reason to live. Tormented by her memories filled with violence and regre...

    drugs, Horror, Drama

  • D&W: Oneshots

    by Cryo & Io

    A repository for Drugs & Wires comic strips, old and new. Main series here: http://tapastic.com/series/Drugs-and-Wires

    drugs, Comedy


    by OrganicAyla

    Nuclear war on Earth, harsh regimes on Rhodon, and mysterious interactions from outer space have all taken their toll on the galaxy… Now after almost...

    drugs, Drama, LGBTQ+, Science fiction


    by Maria Archer

    Read left to right >>> Chris Winterlake, a young musician, gets the change to join his absolute favorite band. Of course he takes this opportunit...

    drugs, BL

  • Epilogue of The Brave

    by Nova Sapien

    Alex Kennedy was a twenty-nine-year-old linguist from Canada working in Hollywood as a consultant for movies and TV shows. He was a hardcore fan of Ja...

    drugs, Fantasy, Drama

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