• Shanties

    by Captain Moony

    A tale of two captains and their quest to kill each other. Kamari, a siren pirate, is shipwrecked on a remote island. She'll need the help of new all...

    dryad, Fantasy

  • Shanties Extras

    by Captain Moony

    Extras and add-ons related to Shanties! Character profiles, maps, world lore, Q&As, all that good stuff. Updates periodically, including additions ...

    dryad, Fantasy

  • Teek and Meth

    by Ai Night

    Romance/Fantasy/Yuri Updates: On Hold Teek and Meth is a romantic tale about two fairies falling for each other. Teek, being a shy dryad, has wat...

    dryad, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

  • Tamlin Pride

    by Neighborhood Titan

    An air spirit named Tamlin forms a supernatural investigative team with a kind-hearted dryad, and they solve supernatural crimes committed by beings a...

    dryad, Comedy

  • Sylvics

    by julian payne

    Sylvics features tough gals, English folklore and a blackthorn tree that has wanted to kill you since the stoneage. It is a hand-drawn comic in th...

    dryad, Fantasy

  • Trees Have Eyes

    by prubblegum

    Erika is a witch-in-training whose unharnessed power makes her bold and reckless. Alycia, a wood nymph, tries her best to keep Erika safe. When outsid...

    dryad, Fantasy

  • Dryad

    by julian payne

    A short love story. Of sorts.

    dryad, Romance

  • The Wellkeeper

    by deebrisbyfish

    Zoe Kostopoulos is on the run for her life. Pursued by dark forces hunting her across the country for reasons unknown to her. But on her journey of su...

    dryad, Fantasy

  • Flowers of Etrea

    by RochasaurusRex

    The reptilian Sislo accompanies his Fae wife, Tetheril, on her journey for an elusive flower. Upon exiting their isolated home, the couple enter a wor...

    dryad, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Atelier en El Velo

    by Eamanelf

    Para los seguidores de los mini cómics semanales, finalmente, la historia original, cada 15 dias, un nuevo capitulo que va develando secretos del atel...

    dryad, Fantasy

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