• Hookteeth

    by boogeymadam

    An LGBT+ Cosmic Horror/Love story about eldritch merfolk that fall for a pair of humans who are studying mermaids to cure a supernatural illness.

    eldritch, Romance, Horror, LGBTQ+

  • My Husband Is A Cultist

    by meidiocre

    Nothing screams romance quite like the warm glow of candles as your husband summons a demon in the living room, forgetting to put a tarp down to catch...

    eldritch, BL, LGBTQ+, Slice of life

  • Eckhart Universe||The Eldritch Gems AU

    by SomniumImagery_Omni

    Inspired by Lovecraft's views of the fear of the unknown, eldritch incomprehensible monstrosities, and repetitive lucid dreams to the Creator Omni- Th...

    eldritch, Horror, Action, Fantasy

  • Hoodlum

    by Dabrood

    A young man and his grumpy friend decide that fighting eldritch abominations is a pretty fun way to spend their evenings while making a little money o...

    eldritch, Comedy

  • The Mortal Remains

    by Skogsdotter

    A gothic tale set in a small town in Spain. The night of her husband's death, an eldritch being reaches out to Beatriz and offers her a deal to bring ...

    eldritch, Horror, Drama, Mystery

  • In The Lion's Den Series

    by respeanut

    In The Lion's Den takes place in an alternate Earth where anthropomorphic animals called “critters”, coexist with the primitive “Giants”. The Critters...

    eldritch, Mystery, Fantasy

  • Ovum

    by TheSchilderich

    The order-loving librarian Nancy Harris of Pepperell, Massachusetts, lives a reclusive life. But when she receives a letter from an unknown to her old...

    eldritch, Horror

  • Wart

    by Ammar Al-Chalabi

    WART is loosely inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft and tells the story of a luckless man named Wart Bellamy. His peaceful life is destroyed by a ...

    eldritch, Horror

  • The Broken and The Damned

    by Mior Muneer

    A young girl was rescued from an evil cult by an eldritch avatar. Now, with the seed of an evil god growing inside her, she finds herself thrown into ...

    eldritch, Horror

  • Ulfserk

    by Athelscop

    The lands of the North are cold and wild. Tree-walkers worship her mystic trees, the Iron Folk camp and hunt on her shores, wolf packs roam her fields...

    eldritch, Fantasy

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