• Summoner

    by TeamSummoner

    After a heated argument with her family, eighteen-year-old Kokona runs away from home and is magically transported to another world. Dragons, elves, a...

    elves, Action, Drama, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Fading Souls

    by FadeBoy

    [BL] A distant world Valotrian is mired in disagreements between light and dark elves. And only love can correct the situation.

    elves, BL

  • Consuming Darkness

    by nox.fox

    Priest and farseer, Elethir just turned blind from witnessing a prophecy holding a promise of Fire, Death, and Forbidden Passion brought to the temple...

    elves, Romance

  • The Chronicles of Oro

    by Jewe11s

    A group of teenagers think it's a good idea to fight a zombie dragon with hand-me-down jewelry.

    elves, Fantasy

  • Love Monster

    by JustMe

    Monsters, Myths and Legends... and they all attend college! What awaits Eli as he starts his first year in this ghoulish school? Nightmares? Torment? ...

    elves, BL

  • Singmire Haze

    by nox.fox

    In the business-driven city of Singmire, jobless Finch quietly copes with life, until he gets to discover that his online boyfriend happens to be a ch...

    elves, Science fiction

  • Tales from Wheeldust

    by Egoman Freeman

    Tales from the great capital city named Wheeldust set in a fantasy world. We will follow the lives of some of its citizens and people living in it's o...

    elves, Fantasy

  • Children of Eldair

    by Jemma M Young

    Embera should be dead when Koe finds her unconscious and wounded in the wildlands of Eldair. Who she is and how she got there remains a mystery even a...

    elves, Fantasy

  • The Moonstone Diadem

    by Fellmina

    When Princess Georgina learns the truth about the Moonstone Diadem, the crown jewels of her kingdom, she embarks on a quest to return it to where it c...

    elves, Fantasy

  • The Saintess and the Villainess

    by Teddy Asplund

    When Anne finds herself suddenly reborn as the Saintess, the main character of the novel she had been reading just before she died, she has no interes...

    elves, GL, Fantasy, LGBTQ+

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