• Whispers of the True King

    by Pokcik Emiree

    Who is the most powerful man? The ruler? Or the one he listens to? Daerin has questioned this many times in his training to become the newest Grande M...

    epic, Action, Drama, Fantasy

  • Sinbad's Trail

    by EmAuthor

    After years of preparation, Kijyl Mannard is finally ready to face his destiny, claim his reward, and sail the seven seas. He’s got the ship, the men,...

    epic, BL, Action, Fantasy


    by ameoname

    UPDATES every Monday! (currently paused because I'm moving to a new city) “The college student Yoni Arao gets abducted by ravens on his way to a wo...

    epic, Fantasy

  • Thief of Crowns

    by Allen Niles , Tapas Media

    Emperor Cronos was born into luxury, ruling selfishly, insulated from the needs of his people by his wealth and magic. But upon his mysterious death, ...

    epic, Fantasy, Comedy, Action

  • Samurai Genji

    by dinmoney

    In these lands of war there is a legend that eating the flesh of man can give unnatural power and long life, but comes at the cost of humanity. Over o...

    epic, Action

  • Consuming Darkness

    by nox.fox

    Priest and farseer, Elethir just turned blind from witnessing a prophecy holding a promise of Fire, Death, and Forbidden Passion brought to the temple...

    epic, Romance

  • The Chronicles of Oro

    by Jewe11s

    A group of teenagers think it's a good idea to fight a zombie dragon with hand-me-down jewelry.

    epic, Fantasy

  • Why The Fox Runs

    by Ash

    A shape-shifter running from a guilt-ridden past must come to terms with a devastating mistake, or let the whole world suffer for what they have done....

    epic, Fantasy

  • Half Moon

    by Sujeongsshi

    Sujeong, an amnesiac human talisman, wants to find her memories. She goes hunting demons with her team mates. Lee Sung, a man who loves women and alc...

    epic, Fantasy

  • Wayfinders: Off Course

    by SnackBag Studios

    When great wars end, you send representatives to seal the deal: a peace ship to cross the uncrossable ocean and make sure the war stays ENDED. But ...

    epic, Action, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

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