• Secunda

    by Joanne Kwan

    [Complete] A young woman becomes the unlikely host to a monstrous skull and now must adapt to her strange new partner. But their new bond is tested by...

    erotica, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • My Roommate is a Camgirl!

    by InsomniacArrest

    Eliza has several problems. Most of them revolve around too much stress and not enough breathing exercises. In order to address her teeth grinding, in...

    erotica, GL, Romance, Slice of life

  • Invasion (boyxboyxboy)

    by Naturalin

    The aliens have arrived and Sylvester is at the right place at the right time. Warning: this book is rated 18+ and is for mature audiences only.

    erotica, BL

  • Alien's Pet

    by Write_And_Chill

    New MM Erotica Anthology! Humanity isn't alone in the universe, and others in space are ready for some much needed company...

    erotica, BL, Romance

  • Ataris

    by Kat

    Centuries ago, Marius tried to wipe out the entire human population to save the planet from their destructive ways. His failure changed everything. No...

    erotica, BL

  • Red Hunger

    by Madam Abel

    Jesse's life isn't perfect. Actually, it's shit; he dropped out of college, took a job at a pizza place with a one-star rating, hasn't gotten over...

    erotica, BL, Horror

  • Copula

    by Joanne Kwan

    Copula is the sequel to Secunda! Patience has barely settled into married life with her husband and their inhuman partner when they are invited to ...

    erotica, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Drama

  • Moon Given

    by Madam Abel

    When convicted felon and former gang-member, Dante becomes the center of affection for a murderous werewolf; he finally has the opportunity to take re...

    erotica, BL, Drama, Horror

  • Eden

    by Ememchan8

    “Through their wombs, guarantees the birth of another king and conqueror.” Omegas were the rarest kind, sought persistently by kings and warlords ...

    erotica, BL, Fantasy, Mystery

  • Invitation

    by Madam Abel

    Every night, a mysterious man looks up at Fen's window from the alley below and asks to be invited in—but something feels off. As a prostitute, Fe...

    erotica, BL, Drama, Horror

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