by KAI

    'RASHWARI OF HAITAIBARA' is a fantasy story about the young god of ashes Rashwari who had lost his divine powers when he fell down on earth. He seeks ...

    ethnic, Fantasy

  • [HIATUS]The Other I

    by Elm

    The Other I is a dumping ground personal ramblings and the (un)dramatic events. Updates soon.

    ethnic, Slice of life

  • Bleeding Gold

    by Roro

    In a world where glistening ball gowns and dashing gentlemen are a norm, Belle always stuck out like an onyx on an exquisite diamond necklace. Despite...

    ethnic, Fantasy

  • Burn Pile

    by calliope

    5 teens share a space, dealing with each other constantly. Over time, they build enough trust with each other to carry out objective with skills they ...

    ethnic, Comedy