• The Pigeon and The Crow

    by Kwings

    Handsome, shy and lonely. These are the three words that describe Hugh. He is sought out by many girls in his school for his looks, but he never feels...

    exciting, BL

  • (GL) 2 Sided

    by Cherisse_5

    When Zee and Arden meet for the first time, two opposite worlds collide. Arden is the new intern at Bryerson Pharmaceuticals, and she stumbles into wo...

    exciting, GL

  • The Mechanical Crown

    by Simon K Jones

    An explorer, a princess, a secret and a sword. A belief that the world can be better. The Mechanical Crown is an epic adventure full of intrigue, myst...

    exciting, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama

  • Virus

    by HotPieceOfCandy

    This series is about a group of young heroes whose goal is to take down The Queen's empire that has taken control of the world and formed Globus. The ...

    exciting, Action

  • The Templars of the Shifting Verse

    by Brotacon

    Four immortal heroes are brought together once more by a sudden and unprovoked attack. They must come to terms with their place in a fantasy world tha...

    exciting, Fantasy

  • Society X

    by WhiteCrow

    Goji is an 18 year old college-bound science lover whose current goal in life is to survive his 6 week employment at his part-time Summer job (that hi...

    exciting, Science fiction

  • High Shot

    by Flower

    Teenage orphan gangmember misadventure

    exciting, Action

  • Metanonia

    by Luneartic

    Have you ever wanted to become better? To be the very best version of you? To live in a perfect society? Metanonia is the place for you! We will prote...

    exciting, Science fiction

  • First Love

    by May Ravenwood

    All her life she dreamt of one perfect love, the love which would sweep her off her feet but it seemed that it was always passing her by which caused ...

    exciting, Romance

  • Twinkle Twinkle

    by Robin Karlsson

    A short dramatic story about a girl who's down and her friend who tries to cheer her up! Peace / Robin

    exciting, Drama, Slice of life

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