• Death Sin

    by Creationistlife

    Death Sin follows Connor, a teen who must live with a terrible secret. He was born with a cursed Right Eye that draws him to scenes of immense cruelty...

    exorcist, Horror

  • Demon parade

    by Crydiaa

    In this AU (alternate universe), Cry is a vampire and Percy is her exorcist! But will Percy be able to survive in this town of hidden monsters or will...

    exorcist, Romance

  • Taxi Driver

    by BooD

    The world is loaded with demons, and to catch them all, you need good weapons and good transportation.

    exorcist, Fantasy

  • Devil Sunrise

    by CireWire

    Devil Sunrise is a graphic novel that is written by Eric Gutierrez Jr. and drawn by Nathasha Padron. The intended schedule is every Saturday morning a...

    exorcist, Horror

  • Jiangshi Boyfriend

    by Raiku

    Michael, a college student who's grandfather is an exorcist, runs into Jiang Xiu, a Chinese zombie (jiangshi). These are stories of their daily life ...

    exorcist, Romance, Comedy

  • ViCruX

    by FRK!Comics

    In the year of our lord of 1572, his catholic majesty king Phillip II built a kingdom where the sun would never set. But the devil stay strong in t...

    exorcist, Horror

  • Unprecedented Cleanup

    by datsketcher

    Dr. Mul, a disgruntled exorcist disliked for his demon heritage, is unexpectedly assigned with the seemingly easy task of disbanding an impotent cult ...

    exorcist, Comedy

  • Edwin Lobster

    by whitedog

    In a world of myth and fantasy, Edwin Lobster, a retired exorcist priest, resumes his duties following a great spiritual menace that threatens to dest...

    exorcist, Horror

  • Room 214

    by howdooyedoo

    A short comic about a reluctant exorcist and the kind ghost she befriends.

    exorcist, Mystery, Slice of life

  • Akuma No Kira

    by Elyas S

    A famed demon hunter sets out to the United States after he receives a letter from Pres. George Washington about a giant demon. What he finds there is...

    exorcist, Action

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