• The Hikko Adventures

    by HikkoAdventures

    Hikko is a hamster that lives in an unknown island in Chile. He and his friends have the most crazy adventures you ever read. Drama,satire, fights, si...

    explicit, Comedy

  • 2AM

    by Silvertongue


    explicit, Slice of life

  • Ode: Beginnings

    by Team Viridian

    Ode is a semi-medieval fantasy set in the country of Viridian. It tells the story of an heir to a lost throne and his struggle to reclaim it. In the f...

    explicit, Action, Fantasy

  • Las Aventuras de Hikko

    by HikkoAdventures

    Hikko es un hamster que vive en una desconocida isla de Chile, él y sus amigos viven las aventuras más locas que hayas leído antes. acompaña a Hikko y...

    explicito, Comedy

  • The Angel's Bride

    by Aaron

    In a land plagued by war and brutality, a single beacon of civilization known as the Town of Ashley stands in the center. Hungry, fatigued and anxious...

    explicit_language_and_gestures, Horror, Action, Fantasy

  • The Big Five

    by mavekkart

    Mark moves into a new apartment where he meets Adam, his new neighbor. Something unexpected happens and Mark discovers Adam's big secret: He is part o...

    explicit, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • The Givers

    by Naya

    When humanity feels threatened, they are known to result to uncivil and inhumane solutions for their kinds’ better good. Facing many challenges, follo...

    Explicit_Content, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • Winsome Wands

    by Smuttzer

    Winsome Wands is an elvish warlock with a monster crush on his demonic patron. Will he be able to come to terms with these emotions and continue to se...

    explicit, Romance, Fantasy


    by Uliminal

    Set in a post fallout world hundreds of years after the bombs dropped where everyone is fighting for power in this new world filled with many supernat...

    explicit, Horror, Action, Fantasy


    by Kinji

    The Hikigaya Highschool is just a normal school. However, there's one thing that makes it special : some of its students are hired by the school to ma...

    explicit, Drama

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