• Explicit

    by Diane Bennett

    Maya knows Lianna Coates only by name-until a chance encounter in the school bathroom causes them to cross paths. Known as the slut of the school, Lia...

    GL, LGBTQ+, Mystery

  • Wrath Of The Chosen

    by ROE

    Wrath of the chosen follows Jon Sizlash, a forensic pathologist that is brutally murdered by some hired guns. However instead of going to whatever awa...

    explicit_language, Fantasy

  • Tobi and Andrew

    by 247drprincess

    A cliche coffee shop/college story about two lovely boys Tobi and Andrew. With your slightly bad boy jock type Tobi, and your Studies Hard Gamer Nerd ...

    Explicit_Language, BL

  • Love Yourself: A Genderfluid Romance

    by Willow

    Corey finally finds the courage to go out as Cora. Her very first excursion out while presenting as a woman, she successfully gets a guy to take her h...

    Explicit_Content, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Falling For The Stripper

    by Tania

    Jasmine is a stripper at a club, what happens when she and Julian cross paths. +17 Years and above (Mature)

    explicit, Romance

  • Behind The Scenes

    by AuthorRism

    Behind The Scenes is Rism's latest explicit, drama BL/Yaoi novel. It centers around what happens if the K-pop fantasy dream collides with a student...

    explicit, BL, LGBTQ+, Drama

  • Heatwave (The 100)

    by Yrya-chan

    A hot and sexy oneshot fanfiction pairing Clarke Griffin and Lincoln from the tv series The 100.

    explicit, Romance

  • Beauty is the Beast

    by Wymzi

    This is a reimagining of the classic fairy tale, and an alternative take on popular shifter stories. There’s no debunked alpha/beta tropes here! C...

    explicit_scenes, Fantasy, Romance

  • Comfort Me (InoSaku oneshot)

    by Yrya-chan

    Sasuke has been gone for a long time and Sakura is feeling so lonely... Fortunately, Ino is here for her! [WARNING: This is a shoujo-ai/yuri fanfic...

    explicit, GL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Wanheda and the Ice King

    by Yrya-chan

    A short "The 100" smut fanfiction pairing Roan and Clarke. [Contains explicit mature content!] I have always shipped them while watching the sh...

    explicit, Romance

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