• Teleport

    by Hallopino

    by R.P. Ruffatti & Moomie Swan & Xan Larson Jessica Soto is no longer waiting for the future to arrive. She is putting everything she has into crea...

    eyepatch, Science fiction

  • The Assassin's Captive

    by Jack Brightside

    18+ only Magnus has been kidnapped by an attractive assassin and honestly, things could be worse. His kidnapper, Klaus, is deceptively intimidating. ...

    eyepatch, BL, LGBTQ+, Comedy

  • Fatal Nocturne

    by escria

    Robine is a 18 year old woman and lives in a world filled with darkness, where the sun is hidden behind the fog of the curse that lays on the atmosphe...

    eyepatch, Fantasy

  • Zodiac Break

    by Tambergal

    In a world where people are controlled by their astrological signs, a girl chooses to rebel in hope of achieving freedom.

    eyepatch, Science fiction

  • Angelic breed

    by Haley F.

    Avalynn Moore is a Demian (demi-human), and it has brought her nothing but trouble. She could have never imagined she would end up kidnapped for it th...

    eyepatch, Fantasy

  • unloved boy

    by stewell

    the misadventures of a lonely elementary school boy! he has an eyepatch

    eyepatch, Slice of life, Comedy