• The Moth Prince

    by sonderfairy

    Arcade is a boy who dreams of adventure, yet he finds himself discouraged after moving to a new country turns his life upside down. That is, until he ...

    fae, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Black City Birds

    by Ash

    * LGBT CONTENT mainly GL * Black City Birds is INSPIRED by Changeling the dreaming. We will follow the story of several characters. Some human , s...

    fae, Fantasy

  • Faerie Gari

    by Zelkats

    In the dead of night, Chase, a circus performer, is searching for something in the forest that couldn't possibly exist. But it may be the one thing th...

    fae, Fantasy

  • The Round Table Chronicles

    by TJ Schongar

    Updates M-F at 12 pm PST. - - - Thade Sloan is struggling to gain control of his own life. Just when he thinks he might be on the right track, every...

    fae, BL

  • Feral Gentry

    by arachnodentist

    Tuomi is a fairy who has lived for a long time in hiding among humans, with only his plants to keep him company. His peaceful yet lonely life changes ...

    fae, Fantasy

  • The Lonely Ones

    by Twoony

    Everyone knows not to stray into the Grim Woods. If you do, the fair ones will take you. Artemis Redbrook, a lonely hunter, makes a deal with a fae...

    fae, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Kal Uni

    by ArtofCorrine

    The Old Ways of the earth are dying. The gods have been cast out by the humans who once worshiped them, and the forests have all been destroyed, save ...

    fae, Fantasy

  • Divine Intervention

    by Rae Kitano

    Gay Adult. What happens when a guardian angel, with too much time on his hands, decides to interfere in the lives of other gay creatures. VampirexEl...

    fae, BL

  • Primalcraft: Scourge of the Wolf

    by Senefer

    Blake is a young boy from a small village in England. He moves to a school in Wales to get away from his painful past and hopes to start again in a ne...

    fae, BL

  • The Changelings Sister

    by yondoloki

    -- Updates whenever I have the time. -- Rose's twin sister is kidnapped by a fairy and replaced by a doll. Rose is the only one who sees the differe...

    fae, Horror, Drama, Fantasy

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