• Feral Gentry

    by arachnodentist

    Tuomi is a fairy who has lived for a long time in hiding among humans, with only his plants to keep him company. His peaceful yet lonely life changes ...

    faery, Fantasy

  • Wystwood

    by kaonnette

    THE FAE ARE STEALING HEARTS │ Many moons ago, a deal was struck with the fae by a young woman who wished to save her lover's life. Years later, A...

    faery, Fantasy, Romance

  • See You On Halloween

    by Nadia

    Ever considered dating a fairy? a vampire? how about sending chocolate to leprechaun as a Valentine gift? Maybe the other half you're searching throug...

    faery, Fantasy

  • Teek and Meth

    by Ai Night

    Romance/Fantasy/Yuri Updates: On Hold Teek and Meth is a romantic tale about two fairies falling for each other. Teek, being a shy dryad, has wat...

    faery, Romance, GL, LGBTQ+

  • A Witch's Familiar

    by Faeries and Ents

    Hello, my name is Milk. I'm a cat. And a panda. Long story... I'm also a witch's familiar. Which means that Clarissa, my witch, and I, we go around he...

    faery, Fantasy

  • Hiwaga

    by Merui

    Iza did not have a particularly colorful childhood in their remote town, not that anything too traumatic happened. She walked away from that life and ...

    faery, Fantasy

  • Unbreakable (VIKING X MERMAID X FAIRY)

    by Naakaree

    Four worlds rotated the sun, each with their own rules and regulations, divided by history, blood and death. Once upon a time, they were brought toget...

    faery, Fantasy


    by Ai Night

    This comic is paused until the end of BOMD - Cafe Clement ________________________________________________ Romance/Fantasy Status: Ongoing Saile...

    faery, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • The Runners

    by Bryan Wong

    In a world full of mystery and frightening magicks, the Runners exist as an enigmatic species whose intentions are as mysterious as the location of th...

    faery, Slice of life

  • Faery

    by angeloluna615

    A young girl, Anna, after two tragedies strike, discovers something special about herself.

    faery, Fantasy

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