• No Way

    by Lay-lo

    A story about an arranged dynastic engagement of an elf and a vampire, which has no plot and often does not make much sense, so be prepared for this s...

    fairy_tale, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • The Flying Ship

    by Jem Milton

    After being stranded in a forgotten military outpost, grumpy Dobrinia sets out on a quest to marry a princess. But in the vast Tzardom of Glas where m...

    fairy_tale, Fantasy

  • The Mao Guardian

    by Bichi Mao

    A heartwarming story about a misguided reaper on its journey to becoming a cat's guardian.

    fairy_tale, Drama, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • The Princess Beast

    by 30knight

    [UPDATES TUESDAYS!] a dramatic, squishy, over the top magical girl shojo. The setting is based on Fairy tales and the comics I used to read as a ki...

    fairy_tale, Romance, Drama, Fantasy

  • The Prince and the Raven

    by 9outofPen

    Owen is a Raven who stole a pound of flesh from a Banshee, and is now on the run. Ensared by the last wishes of his friend, the Erlkonig, it's a race...

    fairy_tale, Horror, BL, Fantasy

  • The Moonstone Diadem

    by Fellmina

    When Princess Georgina learns the truth about the Moonstone Diadem, the crown jewels of her kingdom, she embarks on a quest to return it to where it c...

    fairy_tale, Fantasy

  • Shut Up, Cinderella

    by Rubyleaf

    A grumpy Cinderella and a childish prince—what could possibly go wrong?! Cinder is a young shoemaker who just wants to do his job. The only one to ...

    fairy_tale, BL

  • Blue Fire

    by Inyuji

    YeoungHy agreed to marry a mysterious Yangban. However, she finds out that he's not what he appears. How do you learn to love someone, when he's an in...

    fairy_tale, Romance, Fantasy

  • Arranged(ish)

    by Poppin Jay

    I'm engaged to a stranger. Trust me, it's not what you think.

    fairy_tale, Romance

  • Little Fish

    by Emily Hann

    Little Fish is a reimagining/retelling of the classic The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen that I did a couple years ago for the Valor anthol...

    fairy_tale, Romance

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