by Ogawa Burukku

    Identity; a name, a reputation, a legend. It's who we are, it's who we have made ourselves to be. But what if you woke up one day and forgot everythin...

    Action, Mystery, Fantasy


    by Liamdukes

    A Lion detective named 'Carlos' is pursuing A murder case in the cold-blooded city and met the unexpected truth. between Right and Wrong, can the just...


  • Fallen

    by Rainqu

    Fallen is about a world where cats are divided into two categories: Wingeds and Fallens. Wingeds are cats who have wings, some even powers, whereas Fa...


  • Fallen

    by Cameron

    Updates Wednesdays (ch4)-Nothing says gal pals quite like sharing beds and murder. Episodes are NSFW for nipples. Fallen follows the lives of se...


  • Fallen

    by srslyfinern

    A sorta different dimension with an afterlife built up in tiers trigger warning suicide depression strippers cults daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaark back ...

    fallen_angel, LGBTQ+, Slice of life, Fantasy

  • Fallen

    by LightintheDark

    Join the lives of two brothers Levi and Isaac and their story in the Kingdom of Nadine and beyond and a prophecy born from blood—that old tale. (UPDAT...


  • Fallen

    by BlueOneGone

    A guy is falling down. Surrounded by nothingness, he is quite afraid of changes, until one happens.


  • Fallenstar

    by Crystal_dem0n

    After escaping her kingdom's prison, Princess Natalia runs into her old friend, Prince Lee, brother of the current emperor. He tells her of his brothe...

    LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Otter Mayhem

    by fallendarkrose

    Two Girls. An Otter who likes to wreak havoc. What could go wrong?


  • Murder Fox

    by FallenTheHybrid

    Join a Murder Fox on his daily challenges in life.


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