• Fallen.

    by MX

    Alastor is a demon sent to the human world to gather information. When he is in the human world he meets a beautiful angel and falls in love, but what...

    BL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Fallen

    by oneradott

    She’s coming back for you


  • Fallen

    by Eden

    Demons aren't devilish creatures, thirsty for pain and suffer. They are humans, yet under the laws of Vilteroa they hardly are recognised as such. Exc...

    BL, Fantasy, Drama

  • Fallen

    by Sofufff

    Caleb is an ordinary teenager living a somewhat drama-free life. Well, at least until a tall and handsome angel crashlands in his backyard with a dama...

    fallen, LGBTQ+, Fantasy, Romance

  • Fallen

    by Kiyomi Luna

    Luna, terrified, runs up the steps as fast as she could. All the doors leading to the hallways were closed, forcing her to keep running up more floors...


  • Fallen

    by M

    A fallen Angel, a Demon, lost memories and mistakes. - Michael, an Angel created 5 centuries ago, falls into the mortal realm and meets a demon whom...


  • Fallen

    by Kaycha

    Romance stories usually always have a hero that meets and falls in love with the right person for them, but what about a villain? Most would say that ...

    fallen, Romance

  • Finding her family

    by FallenAngel

    Darkness has been her life for so long. When she finds the light, will it be bright enough to save her.

    Action, Romance, Drama

  • Witch's Arena: False Light

    by FallenArchangel

    Xena had no idea what had happened, she landed in a realm that seemed to be in the future... strange things all around her. Shinozuki has no clue wher...

    Fantasy, Action

  • Shifting Love

    by FallenAngel

    Hi, I’m Dove and a Senior in and this is the story of how I found my true self and a couple of other things along the way. In this world, humans h...

    Fantasy, Romance

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