• Beauty turned Beast

    by Yuzki

    Born a Nyphillie, one with thicker blood of the Fallens in her, Rowan Lockhart is one of the ‘Cursed’. Cornelius Darkwoods—A beast, a monster, the ...

    fallen, Fantasy, Romance, Drama

  • About Men and Angels

    by ZB Extreme

    For generations humanity faces its greatest enemy, the Fallen, celestial beings who have lost their sanctity. They devour human souls to try to regain...

    fallen, Fantasy

  • Fallen

    by Sofufff

    Caleb is an ordinary teenager living a somewhat drama-free life. Well, at least until a tall and handsome angel crashlands in his backyard with a dama...

    fallen, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Sons of God

    by metalmiku

    Ordinary teenager's life will change after she notice, that Earth and all what will happen to it, also interest and intrigue to some others besides th...

    fallen, Mystery

  • Bad Beats, A Destiny Story

    by Wrathion

    Bad Beats, The number one Fireteam the tower has to offer, Queen of Hearts, Stardust Jack of Clubs, Supēdo Ace of Dimonds, Zola and their fearless lea...

    fallen, Gaming, Fantasy, Science fiction

  • Excidium - Era of the Fallen

    by Matthew Tsirides

    An angel has his powers stripped and overthrown to earth, now in search of his identity. Without any memory and no one to help him, his only help is t...

    fallen, Fantasy

  • Fallen

    by Kaycha

    Romance stories usually always have a hero that meets and falls in love with the right person for them, but what about a villain? Most would say that ...

    fallen, Romance


    by Wrathion

    Ghost-In-A-Chell-Stand-Alone-Mode. Follow Giacsam the Ghost in her Adventure in finding a Guardian! Only problem is, She's stuck in Stand Alone Mode. ...

    fallen, Comedy

  • Heaven Sent

    by TransientGuest

    I had the normal life of a starving artist until I saw the brooding man in that crappy alley. If only I could have left well enough alone, but no I ha...

    fallen, Fantasy

  • Breaking my Father's Every Rule

    by Katesy

    ◈◈◈ My name is Alice, I'm a small petite girl with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes and I live in London. ...

    fallen, Romance

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