• Hades & Persephone Shorts

    by Gau meo

    I made some extra comics about Hades and Persephone during the making of my main comic Underworld love story. they including 1 page or several pages s...

    fanfiction, Comedy

  • Voltron Comics [FAN COMICS]

    by ErithEl FAN COMICS

    Experimental FAN COMICS based on the characters from VOLTRON: LEGENDARY DEFENDER Warnings: Blood/violence

    fanfiction, BL

  • Contained

    by Kuukikyu

    What a strange place filled with monsters and weird stuffs. Why would they put me in there ? I did nothing wrong ! What should I do now ? SCP fanfi...

    fanfiction, Science fiction

  • Miraculous: Secrets

    by Nika

    A Miraculous Ladybug Doujinshi. Read from Right to Left.

    fanfiction, Romance

  • Avatar: Distorted Reality

    by Rocket Axxonu

    Aang is transported to another world, in which he must join forces with Zuko and Azula to fight his old friends of the savage Water Tribes. Scatter...

    fanfiction, Fantasy

  • Twist of Fate

    by Philip Cal

    http://heartshaped-lips.tumblr.com A Zelda Fanfiction Comic telling a story set after the events of Spirit Tracks.

    fanfiction, Gaming

  • Yuri On Ice

    by Clara_May

    This is fan fiction from the anime Yuri! On Ice. Victor has hidden lust towards Yuri, having fantasies about him daily. How will he hold himself b...

    fanfiction, BL

  • Broken

    by Alyah

    Tumblr's most popular "Star vs the Forces of Evil" FanComic. This is anomAlyah's official account on Tapastic. “What happened to us? We were so hap...

    fanfiction, Romance

  • Private Lessons (SasuNaru)

    by Yrya-chan

    This happens in an alternative reality, where Naruto and Sasuke are highschoolers at Konoha Gakuen. Naruto has really bad grades and Iruka-sensei p...

    fanfiction, BL, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Roommates

    by YIM-Hishin

    In a strange turn of events, Decimus Castle ends up being Mirielle Malenko's roommate. All is well except for the fact that living with Mirielle is as...

    fanfiction, Romance

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