• Do as You Wish

    by artblock2

    Lance, a small time witch, tests his magic by summoning a demon. Little did he know, Jin, the 7th strongest demon would appear! And tinny none the les...

    fantacy, Romance, BL, Fantasy

  • Looking for Oasis

    by TAMAnnoying

    Rated PG13 due to strong language and adult themes. Reader discretion advised, themes include death and depression as well as discrimination. After...

    fantacy, Drama, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • The Pure Heart

    by .✧*KiwisCorner*✧ .

    A young boy who was forced to live with unfortunate circumstances struggles to fight fate, only one can truly save him from what will become of him

    fantacy, Fantasy

  • Niko and The Boys

    by Mimi Athena

    Niko is an underworld "entertainer" who takes care of clients at a host nightclub called The Purple Bunny. He is very much the best in the job that he...

    fantacy, BL

  • A Good Heart

    by Dedoutside

    A barkeep that learns about his ancestors.

    fantacy, Romance, Action, Fantasy

  • RevivalPsalm

    by SdeeyS

    A collections of stories about angles and demons and encounters between God and men

    fantacy, Fantasy


    by MOMOKA

    Akiko orphanage is a short comic that follows nex along with his boyfriend domo and their experience and life running an orphanage. Please keep i...

    fantacy, Fantasy

  • Howel to the Moon

    by HuiaWriting

    When James was six his father was killed by wolves. When he was eight his older brother ran away from home. Now, ten years later James is living a rea...

    fantacy, Fantasy

  • The Lies We Believe

    by myshitbad

    This story follows a girl who has been regarded as holy most of her life due to her blindness. Little does she know the luxuries of a holy woman was a...

    fantacy, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Forbidden Obsidian

    by Kiindred Foxx

    Adrian the fire dragon princess meets Aqua the water dragon princess even though there kingdoms are at war they fall in love and try to make it throug...

    fantacy, GL

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