• The Warlock

    by Kurohtak1

    After receiving his late father's spellbook, Aaron accidentally awakens an ancient power, one that he is bound to by blood. Now marked, Aaron Wilhelm ...

    fantasy_action, Romance, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • DreamersEcho

    by JetFalco

    SUBSCRIBE to be the first to read new pages!!! The power of Dreams built the planet of Mondrea, but all that remains of that power is a whisper. Foll...

    fantasy_action, Fantasy

  • Beast Slayers

    by Gus Constantine

    Logan is a Beast Slayer, probably the most dangerous profession in a world overrun by savage creatures. As a hunter for hire, she travels the land in ...

    fantasy_action, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • Children of the Cursed Star

    by Cross-Warrior

    When stars fell and the Void appeared, humanity believed it to be the end—until those with magical abilities appeared, able to battle back the monster...

    fantasy_action, Fantasy, Action

  • Bravery at its Finest

    by Void

    Set in a fantasy Earth in approximately 13th century Middle East, a prince and a spy must settle their differences to stop an on-coming war. [ THIS ...

    fantasy_action, Fantasy

  • A Gory Trail

    by Maraichux

    A Gory Trail is the story of a female dwarf named "Lari" who is forced to start a journey by the events. But time could reveal truths that she is not ...

    fantasy_action, Fantasy

  • Feral

    by QS

    A tribe of hunters, 'The Feral', have been pushed far from their homeland, by the very thing they're hunting. In an unfathomable uncharacteristic p...

    fantasy_action, Action, Fantasy

  • Chief Artemisia

    by Crimson B

    Artemisia has been in countless wars with countless victories. The neighbouring tribes all want to form an alliance with hers, especially when their m...

    fantasy_action, Fantasy, Action, Romance

  • Grand Zero

    by DesertedSoulsStudios

    Grand Zero. The land, No the Galaxy of the five alined Planets. On the last one of them all but the biggest of all the planets. There is a young man w...

    fantasy_action, Fantasy, Action, Science fiction

  • Constellation of Earth

    by V.F

    ????? finally became a constellation but something inside him was empty He searched and searched but couldn’t find the answer for his emptiness Bu...

    fantasy_action, Fantasy, Action, Romance

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