• Snapshot

    by Alrathi

    Cut off from his father's bank account, Tyler sets out on a quest to find a new ticket to the easy life. Along the way, the spoiled high schooler ...

    fashion, Romance, Drama, Slice of life

  • Fascist Friends

    by Erin Lux

    Finn spent his life dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, but things change when he accidentally enrolls as a fascist major at a boarding high scho...

    fashion, Comedy

  • Coffee for Breakfast

    by jewelsuan

    Follow the semi-exciting lives of Anya, an old-fashioned, yet spunky mangaka, and Cecil, a low-key (unknown) model living together in Tokyo!

    fashion, Comedy

  • TRASH CANON - The Tour Diary

    by KFComics

    TRASH CANON - The Tour Diary - is a comic series about the four members of the boy group "Trash Canon" – Alek, Levi, Shae and Calyan – and their strug...

    fashion, Comedy

  • House of Slay

    by House of Slay Team , EEP Network

    Five friends from the upper echelons of New York's fashion world are granted superpowers by a mysterious ancient deity. With their newfound abilities,...

    fashion, Action, LGBTQ+

  • Walking on Air

    by odoaffie

    [SLOWBURN] [MON & TUES] Sion Reign has always wanted to become a fashion designer. When he heard about a mentorship program hosted by one of the most ...

    fashion, Romance, BL, Drama

  • Madhouse: A Love Story

    by Sharkhette

    ~Updates Wednesdays~ When Annilia falls in love with the dashing Colonel Marathon, she defies her uncle’s marriage plans for her. Threatened by the l...

    fashion, Romance

  • Runway

    by Janetly

    Sarah, an aspiring fashion model met the successful photographer Michael in a photoshoot. But is their meeting just a coincidence? or destiny has it's...

    fashion, Romance

  • Witches & Wizards High School

    by Fe.art

    ENG Witches & Wizards High School is a fantasy cartoon for kids, set in a near future, suitable for all ages, thought to be light and fun! The mag...

    fashion, Fantasy

  • LoveSick (GL)

    by Jisoon

    Ri Sun-Hi lives an ordinary student life until a strange stranger knocks on her door. "I need your body" what do you mean?!

    fashion, Romance, Drama, GL

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