• Which One?

    by Claradeso

    (Read from right to left!) A boy and a girl compete for the love of their bisexual love interest. Which one will he choose, I wonder? Or is there s...

    feelings, Romance

  • Hom[m]E

    by Voize

    [slight BL content] Trigger-Warnings: depression/anxiety/PTSD Issues homelesss, hopeless and only sweet 20 years old. That's Akito, having a real t...

    feelings, Romance, BL, Drama

  • GIMKHANA (2014-2017 selfpublished version)

    by Ella S.

    Set between 1720 and 1770, it'll bring the reader to the native tribes of Florida, the aristocratic salons of Seville and then in Boston, during the W...

    feelings, Action

  • 7th Heaven

    by Teshi

    In the middle of difficulty lies oppurtunity, Einstein said. Kristoff‘s Situation isn‘t any different compared to that. After meeting his Internet Cr...

    feelings, BL, Slice of life, Comedy


    by YOKITER

    Reptilians, the apocalypse, secrets societies and crazy children is not even half of what the governmet was hiding. Caps and his strange group of frie...

    feelings, Drama, Comedy, Science fiction

  • Finding Ever After

    by Cookie + Bex

    This is a draft only. I may come back to it and fix it later, but for now please read the comic if you want to read something ongoing. Yoru has alw...

    feelings, BL

  • Shooting Star

    by KFComics

    Hiro and Matsu know each other since kindergarten and they play soccer together just as long. When their High School soccer team gets shut down due to...

    feelings, Drama

  • Start? (interactive)

    by PIA

    In this interactive comic you play the roll of a man who wakes up in a white room remembering not even his name. As the “game” goes on, you will have ...

    feelings, Science fiction

  • Third significant

    by Park Sun young

    Eunsoo who had a big crush on Kim Byeol Hee, a top student in High School. Until Eunsoo met another girl called Chae Yeon and began to have a toxic re...

    feelings, Romance, GL, Slice of life

  • Anxious Mess

    by Zunke

    Feelings and experiences in the form of comics

    feelings, Slice of life

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