• Little Mizzi Muffet and the Spider King

    by catfish

    Mizzi Muffet is an average 17-year-old girl, living in a world of Nursery Rhyme characters. She is well liked by everyone and has many friends, howeve...

    female_lead, Horror

  • The Red Muscle

    by Rudy Mora

    A fit girl and a genius inventor create a super suit and get themselves into more trouble than they could have imagined. This series has some minor...

    female_lead, Romance, Action, Comedy

  • Kamikaze

    by Team Kamikaze

    What happens when the world's first heroine grows up 200 years after the end of the world? Two centuries after a global ecological disaster, the wo...

    female_lead, Action, Drama, Science fiction

  • The Grand Priestess

    by ExodusGuard

    A love story that transcends both time and death. Verashana, a powerful sorceress, delves into the past after an incident separates her from her lover...

    female_lead, GL, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Arna (GL)

    by Atkar

    Arna is the result of dozens of scientific and magical experiments in humanity's last ditch attempt for survival - but the end came anyway and the wor...

    female_lead, GL, Fantasy

  • The Lord of All

    by NeilHartley

    Velvet’s life is turned upside down after she is saved by the mysterious and wealthy Lord of All. Under his protection, she learns hidden secrets abou...

    female_lead, Fantasy, Comedy, Action

  • The Origin Story

    by CarolinReich

    You already know storys of chosen ones? Well, Cosima does too! That's why she sends the weirdo, thinking of himself as a mage and talking about an...

    female_lead, Fantasy

  • Love Bites

    by M. C. Andr

    (GirlXGirl) If there is one thing that always bites it's falling in love. Rebecca Cross is an ordinary high school girl with an ordinary high school ...

    female_lead, GL, Fantasy, Romance

  • Future Agents

    by Pilot-Obvious

    Four unlikely candidates find themselves in one dysfunctional segment of a failing government program: Future Agents. After stumbling Chicago's most e...

    female_lead, Action, Drama, Science fiction

  • Let's Celebrate!

    by teloka

    when a tree-eyed monster tries to kill her a few days before Christmas, depressed Norwegian teen Nikki Nicolaysen is forcibly introduced to the world ...

    female_lead, Romance, GL, Fantasy

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