• Of cupids and the likes

    by Pandrea

    Those bonds which are precious to human beings, it's their job to make them. "Cupid" was the human term that could best describe them. What will ...

    fiction, Romance

  • He Who Will Be King

    by Twoony

    There are no winners in war. Only a side that loses less than the other. The kingdom of Mahka was declared the winner of the last war, but peace ha...

    fiction, Fantasy, LGBTQ+, Romance

  • Year in Hereafter

    by Mikael H.

    A fantasy tale built on the foundations of the Finnish folklore and national epic, Kalevala. The story is set to happen between two parallel realities...

    fiction, Horror, Action, Fantasy

  • Blessed Sins

    by TaylortheCreative

    Angels, Demons, and Everything in between. In this story, we follow Tony and Theo; two souls set out on a journey to prove that their love cannot even...

    fiction, Romance

  • Echofreak

    by wickedalucard

    [Read left to right] In a world where hauntings are a common occurrence, ghost banishing has become your typical day-job. One of these banishers, R...

    fiction, Fantasy

  • Invisible Boy

    by Twoony

    Micah Greeneway is invisible. Not the teen angst kind but actually invisible. It’s hereditary, a family secret locked up like Area 51, but that’s not ...

    fiction, LGBTQ+, Romance, Drama

  • Daeva

    by IndiaLee

    Ancient legends held stories of other worlds, magnificent races, and a war that changed everything. Though those, living in the harsh environment of G...

    fiction, Fantasy

  • Pictures of Us

    by Twoony

    After Mylo agrees to confess to his so-called "crush" in order to help his best friend work up the nerve to ask the girl she likes out, he finds himse...

    fiction, BL, Comedy, Romance

  • Damage for Damian

    by keke

    Jude Malakai is a sorcerer living in the modern world. For fifteen years, his family isolated him from society because they believed he was insane. Af...

    fiction, BL

  • Dear Caleb

    by Twoony

    Caleb never thought he'd receive a confession let alone two in the same day. Now it's time to face his own feelings unless he wishes to lose someone w...

    fiction, BL, Romance, Slice of life

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