• Terra Firma

    by AshTulio

    As overpopulation persists on a culturally divided Pangea, an unusual group of travelers must survive a mysterious new plague.

    fighters, Fantasy

  • Tavern Tales

    by TL Shay

    Short stories about the people in the Gamers and Magic series. Ever wonder about how Tempest and Benton met? Why does Poe always talk in pigeon Shak...

    fighters, Slice of life

  • Shadosassins

    by Allen Thomas

    In a distant future, two brothers become pieces of a conspiracy involving the world's greatest fighters. The survival of many may rest in their hands....

    fighters, Action

  • Lethal Combo

    by check

    Just like everyone else in the sweltering West Coast city of Isla Lucrecia, Quang Nghiem is struggling to get by. His family’s business can’t make end...

    fighters, Action, Drama, Slice of life

  • Codex

    by Mauro

    The ambition to obtain a powerful device created for medical purposes will unleash a war between two clans, one of the clans is leaded by Muller a...

    fighters, Science fiction

  • The Heaven's Beasts (ENG)

    by Oyabun Art-Abbi

    The Heaven's Beasts, with so little as five members, are a respected and feared gang around town: they're bloothirsty beasts... But reality might diff...

    fighters, Romance, Action, Comedy

  • Power Pants

    by RJSOUZA

    Quando Juan se candidata para uma grande oportunidade profissional no exterior, ele não imagina que, para permanecer no país, precisa se envolver em u...

    fighters, Action

  • Fighters: The Lion and The Cat

    by Kiri-chan

    What was supposed to be yet another summer holiday for a high school student, Momiji, soon turned upside down when her mother, Yukiko is abducted by t...

    fighters, Action, Drama

  • Love me, don't leave me

    by Shadow Mystery

    Dark is left with his daughter Liaca because her mother didn't want her. Dark didn't have anyone to help him really. Until Shadow a person who he know...

    fighters, Romance

  • Fashion Fighter

    by Neto-kun

    Catherine is a girl who has practiced martial arts all her life, it is her passion. Her mother forces her to participate in the "family business", wh...

    fighters, Action, Slice of life, Comedy

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