• X-Arcadia

    by Color-LES

    [ THIS WEBCOMIC HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED] Mysterious CD's are randomly being distributed and rumor has it that they can open the gate to a gamer's par...

    filipino, Fantasy

  • Palm Leaf

    by Cisco and Max

    While cleaning out their grandfather's basement, Alex and her little brother, Baboy, discover a mystical palm leaf manuscript that transports them to ...

    filipino, Action

  • Akademiya Maharlika

    by Jod Gulle

    Fort Intram Academy, A school that teaches students the way of becoming a Maharlika, Noble Warriors that defend the land from the Monsters of the Fore...

    filipino, Fantasy

  • Intoxicated

    by Ella Bee

    Third year college student Earl Salazar is an omega who is too smart for someone like him. He keeps a low profile college life because of an alpha who...

    filipino, Romance, BL, LGBTQ+

  • Kuya & Bunso

    by Bunsoooo

    'Kuya' is a Filipino term for big brother. 'Bunso' is the term for the youngest sibling. No, we're not related! Just in love.

    filipino, Romance

  • Katlaya de los Kalye

    by MariaMediaHere

    In this Filipino Shounen manga, follow Katlaya de los Kalye as she wreaks justice upon the beast-ridden city of Pilipit. With a flying knife in hand, ...

    filipino, Action, Comedy, Fantasy

  • PE Day!

    by Milo

    It's 1999, and no one knows exactly what's going to happen. Follow the awkward teenage adventures of Thea and the girls of San Clarita High as they ma...

    filipino, Comedy

  • No One Else Knows

    by Sonheelight

    "No One Else Knows" is a collection of very short clichéd or unsual situations that only the protagonist knows. It's story telling relies heavily on m...

    filipino, Drama

  • ashley's secondhand serenade. [hiatus]

    by prince

    [this is kinda dead anyw and is here for archive purposes] It's true. Ash probably secretly sort of likes Kiko. It's also true that she kinda wanted...

    filipino, Romance

  • The Graveyard Shift

    by oletarts

    A supernatural-mystery comic involving Maya, a young 'mangkukulam' (A filipino creature similar to the common witch), who moves away from the Philippi...

    filipino, Mystery

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