• Onism

    by mikey

    Onism- noun Being aware of how small the world you'll experience is, how you can't experience everything. Just three kids trying to get home.

    firstcomic, Drama

  • Golden Days

    by katielizmarsh

    Small doodles of feelings and life in general. This is the my first comic please be kind- constructive criticism always welcome! Enjoy :)

    firstcomic, Slice of life

  • UnBound

    by doopythepotato

    A prince in disguise struggles to survive in a world full of enemies and traitors. A boy who has nothing left to lose tries to clear himself of guilt ...

    firstcomic, Action, Fantasy

  • Mix Minds

    by Lil.Skipper

    It's 1989 in a small town in the woods and a man goes missing.

    firstcomic, Mystery

  • Peachtree City

    by UwuAlgoel17

    Adrián, Sora and Katya start their life in high school, and they will have to face the situations that appear little by little.

    firstcomic, Romance, Slice of life, Comedy

  • The Voice of Love

    by Lit Ediciones

    Sweet romance with a touch of drama by Gma LF. Final result of the workshop “YAOI, CREACIÓN Y DESARROLLO (BOYS LOVE, CREATION AND DEVELOPMENT) imparte...

    firstcomic, Romance, BL, Slice of life

  • Metanoia

    by Kiyoudaya

    Ellyn wakes up in sweat, she already had this dream before, but never this intense. Convinced that something horrible is going to happen, her and her ...

    firstcomic, Action, Fantasy

  • Trionfi

    by lexiamberhound

    It was her first day in university. A new "chapter" in her life. She was prepared for the unchanging days within the school campus. That was... Unti...

    firstcomic, Fantasy

  • Wings That Change the Sky

    by MooMo0

    All her life Raven has tried her best to fit in...as much as someone with huge wings can fit in. She's perfectly fine living normmal life, but when tw...

    firstcomic, LGBTQ+, Fantasy

  • Freesia

    by Pandamander

    A small comic with a couple butlers.. it's super random. Has a story line. :) ITS NOT DARK I PROMISE LOL

    firstcomic, Fantasy

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