• Steal

    by megjgrey

    It's nights like these where the ocean is at its most dangerous. My father always warned me that when the sea swallows a half-moon, you never know wha...

    fisherman, Romance

  • Clearwater (Rule One.)

    by Katamism

    A lonely fisherman, a lost merchild and their adventures lost at sea.

    fisherman, Fantasy

  • Northland

    by secant1

    After a series of sordid affairs that earned him a distasteful reputation in the art world, Vincent Smart leaves the city on a whim and retreats to a ...

    fisherman, Romance

  • The Palace of Tears

    by Michael Lomon

    On the ravaged earth of the far flung future, pockets of humanity strive for survival and glory. Old tales are reborn, eternal hungers stirred and...

    fisherman, Fantasy

  • The Fisherman by Lawrence Gullo

    by Lewd Alfred

    An erotic comic about a fisherman and a strange catch.

    fisherman, BL

  • The Fisherman's Tail

    by WillisAuthor

    Fantasy Humor Short Story: Tad lives in a Fantasy-filled world with knights and dragons, but he's chosen his occupation: a fisherman. Everyday he goes...

    fisherman, Fantasy