• Daemons Venatus

    by 4U Comics

    Five young adults are pulled into an alternate reality and are forced to survive amongst its gruelling environment. 4UComics takes you into the world ...

    force, Fantasy

  • The Gem Force

    by Catcow

    Amber is just a normal gem in Desert City when suddenly another gem like her, crash lands in the desert by mistake. How will this play out for the peo...

    force, Fantasy

  • Girlfriend Diaries

    by SongCeles

    Story of love from a yandere's point of view. The girlfriend shares her experience and feelings with us. An unconditional love for her boyfriend is sh...

    force, Comedy

  • #Villainous (Discontinued)

    by Alter Aspect

    Residing out in deep space, aboard a galactic space station, on the outskirts of the known Universe, where the criminals roam free and the outlords ru...

    force, Comedy

  • Force

    by Neighborhood Titan

    In Seattle, where certain superpowered individuals have begun combatting crime on their own terms, Force switches between different points of view as ...

    force, Fantasy

  • Maiden of the Silver Light

    by Suncoast Ent.

    Moontachi Gaiden Book 3 One fateful day, Aggerona emerge once more. From the depths of the darkest seas. Moon, brother to the late treacherous Vil...

    force, Action, Romance, Drama

  • S.U.B.O

    by Plague Rattus

    Follow the findings of the Exorcist Corporation in the capture and study of supernatural or unexplained beings and objects. From killer mannequins,...

    force, Horror

  • The Strangers

    by Wakandas_1st_Heero

    "Life Comes at you fast" when you are a teenager. Then you run into a few strangers and everything you thought you knew, turns into chaos. Do not let ...

    force, Action

  • The Eldritch Defense Force

    by Sr. Dacarba

    Intelligence has reported the sighting of a "Deep" with suspicious behavior in the vicinity of "west arkham" orders are to capture or destroy. Ensure...

    force, Horror, Action, Comedy

  • The Misfits

    by hollybowie

    Exiled by the rest of the magical community, The Misfits are a team of reluctant heroes fighting against prejudice and forces of evil. When mysterious...

    force, Action