• Cat's Cafe

    by Matt Tarpley

    Cat's Cafe is a wholesome comic about the daily lives of cute animals! Join Cat, Penguin, and Rabbit as they go about their day and bring a smile to y...

    forest, Slice of life

  • Wish in Mubdon's Forest

    by CK

    Is there a wish you would die for? This is an +18 comic with adult themes.

    forest, Horror, Action, Fantasy

  • The Chronicles of Oro

    by Jewe11s

    A group of teenagers think it's a good idea to fight a zombie dragon with hand-me-down jewelry.

    forest, Fantasy

  • The Archer and the Squirrel

    by Tieback

    The Archer and the Squirrel tells the story of Lark, a young woman in the pursuit of a better life. When the Colludian King offers a handsome reward f...

    forest, Fantasy

  • Flower Girl

    by Beau Van Dalen

    When Poire wakes up, she is in an unknown forest, and her head has been replaced by that of a flower’s. A talking lemur is convinced Poire has writte...

    forest, Fantasy, Mystery

  • Witches' Forest

    by blop

    Legends says that at the heart of the Witches' forest, where no men are allowed, lies a source holding infinite power. Many tried to enter in hopes of...

    forest, Fantasy

  • Hearthwood - OLD

    by Faeb

    Taldren Vaughan dreams of the worlds he finds in his books. Hearthwood is a coming story of the heart and the places it takes us once we learn to list...

    forest, Romance

  • Wolf, are you there?

    by Elairin

    Beyond the white veil of snow, woods can reveal themself dark and full of mysteries. The young Ethann will discover it at his expenses when his path w...

    forest, Drama

  • Oops Comic Adventure

    by Potoo Gryphon

    [Updates every Wednesday] Oops is an orphan street rat who discovers he has magical abilities in a city where magic is band. With the help of his f...

    forest, Fantasy


    by MIK

    When sleep won't come...NIGHTMARES will! A collections of short World of DIK stories. First published here, on Tapastic!!

    forest, Horror

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