• A Bear, An Otter & A Queen

    by Marty Basto

    It's a BL story based on Real Life....by also poking fun at some stereotypes because everyone is unique in their own special way! Written By Marty ...

    friend, BL


    by The Art of Florence

    Ren is an agender young adult with a penchant for recklessness. Lena is an illegal android fleeing from persecution and destruction. A chance meeting ...

    friend, Drama

  • Stress Relieving Strips

    by Leaglem

    The silly adventures of my imaginary friend and me.

    friend, Comedy

  • Running in Circles

    by Yukechii

    Will suddenly realizes his feelings for his younger brother's childhood friend... Yeah, that's kinda the whole thing... Sorry, I don't know how to wr...

    friend, BL

  • I Have A Friend

    by A.Samia

    "I do have a friend... He's just a bit different than yours..."

    friend, Drama

  • Grey Sky

    by A.Samia

    Cecilia... A normal human who due to tragic events not only became "colorblind" but also can see what others can't. She has lost a lot. Now her only g...

    friend, Fantasy

  • Saved

    by KaedeT

    Aquilam and Ignis, two clans fighting each other for more than a thousand years. This was a world where everyone had a pair of wings. We were all hybr...

    friend, BL, Fantasy, Drama

  • Trust! My Best Friend

    by Sarah Barra

    Neil and Will are best friends. But not everything is fun and games between friends. Nobody escapes drama and reconciliation. These are stories of how...

    friend, Drama

  • Muscle Friend!

    by Elepheel

    This comic follows the adventures of Muscle Friend, a helpful blue guy-thing who attempts to solve any problem, using nothing but brute force and sens...

    friend, Comedy

  • Joojee & Friends

    by Mindmelody

    The story of Joojee & friends.

    friend, Comedy

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